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  25.10.23 MFA update Dear practitioners and candidates, we appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve the issues with MFA on myNAATI, we believe these are now fixed after implementing a solution last week. MFA is only required if you wish to use Digital Stamps or Digital ID and is optional for other users. There are 2 ways you can use MFA, the first is to set it up on an authenticator app. Go to myaccount; multi factor authentication and set it up with your preferred app such as MS Authenticator or Google Authenticator. Once set up you will be asked for a code from the app when accessing digital ID or stamps if your last use was more than 24 hours ago. If you do not wish to use the app you can click on the words "emailed to you" when prompted by the system that MFA is required in the statement "Alternatively, you can have an access code emailed to you." We will be issuing a full guide in the next NAATI news, and please contact info@naati.com.au if you have any queries prior. -NAATI Operations  
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